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About The RMA

The Rock Music Alliance (RMA) was formed in January 2020 by members of DHW Enterprises, DHW Records, Inc., and Thimble Slide; and is based in Los Angeles California. It was formed out of a need for there to be an organization that represents and promotes the Rock Music genre and addresses needs of the Rock community - just as other organizations focus primarily on pop, urban, country or other music genres.

In fulfilling the first part of itís Mission Statement the RMA has founded itís own annual awards show Ė the RMA Awards, to recognize and shine a spotlight on excellence and achievement in the genre. It is musicís first accolade to be awarded based on voting by three sections of the membership: Musician Peers, Music Professional Peers, and members of the general public who have joined the RMA as Patrons Of Rock.

Mission Statement:
To heighten awareness of Rock Music and support itís on-going evolution and growth of listenership by recognizing and shining a spotlight on excellence and achievement in the genre. To provide avenues by which talent may rise to industry and public awareness.

Vision Statement:
For the RMA to be the premier representative entity for the genre of Rock Music; the interface through which the general public recognizes the varied and great talent of the genre. To be known for providing structure and upward mobility for talent and fostering a sense of community for the RMA membership.

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