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About The RMA

The Rock Music Alliance (RMA) was formed in January 2020 by members of DHW Enterprises, DHW Records, Inc., Thimble Slide; and is based in Los Angeles, CA USA. It is an international music society with the main focus of spotlighting the great music being created each year in Rock, Metal, and Prog genres of music. The RMA is currently doing this by producing:

  • The RMA Awards - for Rock, Metal, Prog music.
  • Interview Sessions - their radio and podcast show where the RMA interviews artists, players, and industry people.
  • Rock Music Alliance Radio - their internet radio station that plays Rock, Metal, Prog music; their show Interview Sessions; and other shows programmed by guest hosts.

    The Rock Music Alliance and what it produces are intended to be a celebration of the great music being created in our Rock genres. It's a way for us to shine a spotlight on the artists and skilled players; a way to show the general public "This is what's really going on in Rock/Metal/Prog; and these artists are the best in our world."

    With enough funding The Rock Music Alliance intends to produce, host, and provide:

  • The RMA Awards for Rock/Metal/Prog: to shine a spotlight on excellence in these genres.
  • Rock Music Alliance Radio: internet streamed and available worldwide to provide an outlet for music in the Rock/Metal/Prog genres and in particular the music of The RMA Awards nominees.
  • Rock Music Alliance: Channel 1. Our podcast focusing on interviews.
  • Scholarships to music schools.
  • Concert-Showcases streamed worldwide live from venues featuring artists in our genres.
  • Charity events for our membership and public with proceeds being donated to food banks, hospitals, and shelters.

    Launch Of The RMA's Interview Sessions
    In May of 2020 The RMA launched it's podcast Rock Music Alliance: Channel 1 and has featured interviews with celebs and rising artists including:

  • John Tempesta - The Cult, Rob Zombie.
  • Tony Kaye and Jon Davison - Yes
  • Bjorn Englen - Yngwie Malmsteen, Dio Disciples.
  • Margarita Monet - Edge Of Paradise
  • Francesco DiCosmo - Evanescence, Thin Lizzy.
  • Cyan Kicks - Emma-gaala Nominee
    ...and others

    Launch Of The First RMA Awards
    On April 4, 2022 The RMA held the first RMA Awards celebration. Still in the grip of the Covid19 pandemic, the award winners were announced in a two hour video livestreamed on Facebook. The award announcers for each music genre were located across the United States and Greece and had recorded their segments on video. Some of the artists nominated and awarded include: Small Town Titans, Orianthi, Daughtry, Alter Bridge, Halestorm, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Kansas, Dream Theater, Gary Hoey, Jason Charles Miller, Ozzy Osbourne, Ross The Boss, Smackbound, Butcher Babies, In This Moment, Edge Of Paradise, Within Temptation, Lamb Of God, Rammstein, Nita Strauss, Angel Vivaldi. 127 RMA Awards were announced not including Judges Spotlight Awards and President's Spotlight Awards making The RMAs music's largest awards presentation.

    Fourteen genres of rock, metal, and prog music were presented and The RMA did our best to have a different person announce each genre's nominees and award winners. For the first RMAs - award announcers include: Tony Kaye (Yes, CIRCA), Sam Bam Koltun (Dorothy, Budderside), Jes Fama (broadcast host), Ron Keel (Keel), Bjorn Englen (Soul Sign and Dio Returns/Dio Disciples), Claudio Pesavento (Chris Squire Band, Spelled Moon), Eric Betelli (Publisher of Music Connection), Francesco DiCosmo (Thin Lizzy, Evanescence), Toni Aleman (Renaissance Rock Orchestra), alternative rock artist MELIA, and Andry Lagiou (The Harps). We also did special appearance interviews with Sin Quirin (Ministry, Siglos), artist Glen Wexler (famous for album covers and digital art), Al Bane (Al Bane For Leather), and Pam (Vampire Rockstar).

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